22 October: India successfully launched Chandrayaan-1.

New Delhi. In the pages of history, the day of 22 October is associated with a major achievement of space for India. In fact, on 22 October 2008, India successfully launched its first lunar mission ‘Chandrayaan-1’. After several days of rain and inclement weather at the launch site in Sriharikota, India finally embarked on its first unmanned lunar mission as Chandrayaan-1 on this day.

The sequence of other major events recorded on 22 October in the history of the country and the world is as follows: –

16860: The unexpected death of Rana Raj Singh of Mewar. However, in the month of June this year, he bravely responded to the Mughal infiltration.
1796: Peshwa Madhav Rao Dviyati commits suicide.
1797: An inspector of the French Army created a huge balloon, advocating the use of balloons for the army, and performing parachuting by leaping into the air from a height of about 3200 feet.
1879: British rule in India registers first sedition case against Basudev Balwant Phadke of Maharashtra.
1900: Birth of Ashfaq Ulla Khan, one of the most brave revolutionaries in the Indian freedom struggle.
1963: India’s largest multipurpose river valley project ‘Bhakra Nangal’ was dedicated to the nation.
1966: George Blake, one of Britain’s most notorious double agents, escaped from prison in a daring manner. It is believed that the Soviet Union planned to escape from his prison.
2008: India launches its first unmanned lunar mission and successfully launches Chandrayaan-1 from the Satish Dhawan Space Center.
2010: WikiLeaks makes thousands of confidential US documents related to the Iraq and Afghanistan war public. (Agency)


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