3D printing: 3Deus Dynamics expands the field of possibilities

They didn’t invent the powder, but almost! The three researchers and founders of 3Deus Dynamics, a start-up from Claude Bernard Lyon-1 University, are pushing the limits of additive manufacturing by immersing the 3D print head… in powder. “The granular environment makes it possible to solve the major problem of 3D printing, namely the collapse of structures before having had time to solidify them”, Explain Julien barthes, the CEO. This drawback often makes it necessary to chemically reformulate the materials commonly used in the manufacturing industry to make them compatible with 3D. And to design simplified shapes, more suited to the constraints of the material available than to the function.

Protected by two patents, 3Deus Dynamics’ technology, a hybrid between molding and 3D, is operational “With all the materials available on the market, without reformulation and without geometry limit “, ensures Julien Barthes. The granular medium, self-supporting for the object being printed, acts as a “Dynamic mold which deforms and reform when the needle passes”. It supports the material while it hardens, “Instead of resorting to secondary support structures, which limit the design and largely reduce the interest of 3D printing”, he explains.

Silicone in priority

A fraction of the sugar or silica powder, neutral, is naturally encapsulated in the filaments projected by the needle. It is then dissolved by means of solvents or, on the contrary, preserved, “Enriched with antimicrobial, stiffening or conductive properties, which improve the characteristics of the material for its applications ”.

Winner of the Big Booster program of the metropolis of Lyon, 3Deus Dynamics primarily targets silicone and targets three mass medical markets that require strong personalization of the object: hearing aids, with already a confidential collaboration with a major player in the sector , orthopedic insoles and prostheses. The young company will then come to rubber and thermoplastics, before tackling ceramics and metals. Last advantage of the process, freed from setting time: it increases production speed tenfold.


Creation date : 2019

President : Julien barthes

Effective : 6 persons

Sector: 3d printing

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