Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan made an emotional appeal, said – do not leave us in trouble

The conflict between the Taliban and the army continues in Afghanistan. The Taliban has also captured many outskirts of Afghanistan and is now moving towards capturing the capitals of many provinces. To establish its supremacy in Afghanistan, the Taliban is continuously attacking in different parts. At the same time, after the withdrawal of the US Army, the situation has become even worse. In view of this situation in Afghanistan, Rashid Khan, the Afghan cricketer and who has earned his name on the world stage, has made an emotional appeal to the world leaders.

Rashid Khan tweeted

The 22-year-old spinner shared an emotional post by tweeting. He wrote in his post, “World leaders, my country is in trouble, thousands of innocent people including children, women are getting martyred. Many families have had to leave their homes…Many houses and properties have been destroyed. Request you not to leave us in such a crisis, stop killing Afghans and we want peace.

This star spinner of Afghanistan has clearly told the current situation of his country through his tweet. The brutality of the Taliban in Afghanistan started only after the announcement of the withdrawal of US forces. So far, the Taliban have captured half of Afghanistan and about 400 districts. America has withdrawn its troops from most parts of Afghanistan and by August 31, America will get all its troops withdrawn.

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Advisory for Indians: The Embassy of India issued an advisory to its citizens, asking them to return from Afghanistan before the air service is stopped.


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