All Star Perche: Renaud Lavillenie passes 6.06m, his best performance since 2014

Renaud Lavillenie confirmed his return to great shape by crossing 6.06m on Saturday February 27 at the All Star Perche, at his home, in Aubière. His best performance since 2014. The Frenchman then tried to cross 6.20m, two centimeters above Armand Duplantis’ world record, to no avail.

Lavillenie is in Olympic form, he proved it again on Saturday 27 February. During a new edition of the All Star Perche, organized at his home in Aubière, Auvergne, he crushed the competition. After clearing bars at 5.70m and 5.86m on the first try, Lavillenie passed 5.96m on his 2nd attempt and then 6.06m on his 3rd. He then tackled the world record (6.18m) but failed at 6.20m.

The 2012 Olympic champion beat Dutchman Menno Vloon, who smashed his national record (5.96m), and American Chris Nilsen (5.86m). He thus signs the second best performance of the year, behind the 6.10 m of the Swedish world record holder Armand Duplantis, Wednesday in Belgrade.

Auspicious ahead of the European Championships

Since the beginning of the year, the bar has been rising higher and higher in pole vault thanks to the performances of Renaud Lavillenie but also of Armand Duplantis. Both have passed the 6m since January, twice for the Frenchman and twice for the Swede. But today, the latter was not present on the track, resting before the Euro.

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After two unsuccessful competitions, Renaud Lavillenie was reassured by achieving his best performance since 2014 on Saturday night at home, before leaving for Torun in Poland where the European Indoor Athletics Championships will be held (March 4-7 ).

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