Alta Voce to conquer European call centers

When making calls smarter boosts revenue, that’s the promise ofAlta Voce. Founded in 2020 by three researchers from CNRS and IRCAM, associated with an expert in business development, the start-up markets software capable of adding a smile to a voice on the telephone.

Placed at the heart of the telecommunication system of a call center or a “hotline”, the process eliminates background noise, clarifies the speech of operators and above all makes their voices more smiling and sympathetic. The customer experience is improved with a positive impact on sales performance.

About ten clients

At the crossroads of cognitive neuroscience, AI and voice technology, Alta Voce can interest many activities, such as aeronautics to improve communications between the pilot and the control tower. But it is in the call center sector that the young growth has inaugurated its order book, attracting nearly 10 companies in France and abroad, such as the Webhelp group. For the start-up, it is the assurance of immediately reaching a large number of users and maximizing its income. It is remunerated by charging for a license to which is added consumer billing.

So far, around 1,300 call center operators have used the technology. “We often ask the employees of these platforms to smile on the phone because a smile can be heard. But it is impossible to keep this attitude permanently. Our tool makes it possible to highlight this emotion automatically without changing the voice of the agent ”, argues Nicolas Martinois, co-founder and CEO of Alta Voce. The impact would be notable. Thus Webhelp reports an improvement of 8 to 30% of its conversion rate during a commercial campaign on behalf of an internet provider. 8% better for the customer service satisfaction score of a home equipment brand.

Towards a first round table

The technology works in any language, which opens up great prospects for export. Alta Voce is targeting 14 million euros in turnover with 28 employees in three years. To respect its roadmap, the start-up benefits from close support.

– Photo Alta Voce

Supported by Réseau Entreprendre Yvelines (40,000 euros in honorary loan), the team of founders is also hosted in Paris by the Agoranov incubator. Renowned for bringing out some great French nuggets (Doctolib, Ynsect, Dataiku, Criteo, etc.), this structure provides access to a vast network of tech entrepreneurs who have experienced the same obstacles as the start-up in the past. It also makes it possible to connect with financial partners, public or private, ready to invest in innovative projects.

Alta Voce hopes to soon achieve a seed funding round of 1.5 million euros. Money that will be used to optimize technology and “evangelize” new markets, such as video games or even all companies needing to “humanize” their vocal robot system.

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