Another big news about ‘Omicron variant’, experts said this big thing

New Delhi: Day by day new research is coming out on new omicron variants of corona infection. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has claimed that within just 12-24 hours, omicrons are multiplying in our body. IMA Finance Secretary Dr Anil Goel said that the news coming out about the spread of Omicron is shocking. He said that this infection is increasing rapidly in our body like chickenpox. Dr Anil Goel said that the incubation period in delta variants was considered to be 3 to 7 days. An earlier version was assumed to have a 14-day incubation period, whether it was alpha beta or gamma. The cases of Omicron that are coming to the fore now say that its incubation period is only 12 to 24 hours. This means that one patient can transmit the infection from another patient in just 12 to 14 hours and cause clinical symptoms.

Dr Anil Goel said the way the variants came from South Africa and Botswana became an example for many countries. At the same time, another thing has come to the fore that in this case like chickenpox, this disease is also spreading very fast. The virus was also detected in Omicron at a rate similar to that of chickenpox infection.

Dr. Anil Goel said that one of the things to understand is the speed with which it is spreading, if compared to last time it went with four lakhs in 1 day. If this is the case then one lakh cases come in 1 day and if ICU is needed then we may find it difficult. We have to bear in mind that our public health infrastructure will be under a lot of pressure. So we have to be cautious from now on.

Booster Dose Required:-
The Indian Medical Association has demanded that anyone who is immunocompromised should receive an additional dose as soon as possible. Especially those who already have heart disease and many other diseases, they must take a booster dose. Along with this, health workers should also get booster doses.


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