Aymeric Caron: “An earthworm obviously does not have the same relationship to the world as a human”

His ” bzzz Have made the buzz. In the sleepy heart of summer, Aymeric Caron woke up social networks in a vein of mockery. The journalist and essayist, ex-star of “We are not lying”, has attracted mockery for a column devoted to mosquitoes, delivered on his channel, Komodo. TV.

Concerning these stupid ones who are unanimous against them (especially in July), Caron has indeed tried to adopt a point of view other than that of the majority. An antispeciesist point of view, that is to say, which refuses to consider that the human species is above others, and that its interests systematically take precedence over those of others.

Did he ridicule himself by pointing out that female mosquitoes attack us mammals, “Because they look for proteins in the blood of their victims to feed their developing eggs and therefore their babies” ? For patent snickers, yes. Not for minds open to debate, those who listen and think before throwing the tomatoes.

Because we can not agree with Aymeric Caron. The fact is, in any case, that he has, like many anti-speciesist thinkers, such as Peter Singer, a point of view that challenges our obviousness. This is not that common, and deserves a minimum of respect.

In 2016, on the occasion of the release of his essay “Antispéciste. Reconciling humans, animals, nature ”(Don Quichotte Editions), Caron had granted an interview to“ L’Obs ”where he explained the foundations of this thought.

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