Banks will remain closed on nationwide strike / Thursday, 21 thousand branches will be closed

new Delhi. The All India Bank Employees Union (AIBEA) has announced the participation of central trade unions in a nationwide general strike on 26 November against the anti-labor policies of the central government. Under this, 10 central trade unions, except the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, have announced a nationwide general strike in banks on 26 November.

A common platform of Grameen Bank organizations has issued a letter to all officers and employees’ organizations working in rural banks across the country to make this strike a success. It said that all officers and employees should be motivated to go on strike and also participate fully in the protest demonstrations organized with other labor organizations at the district level.

The AIBEA said in a statement on Tuesday that the Lok Sabha has passed three new labor laws in the recently concluded session and abolished 27 existing laws in the name of ease of doing business. These laws are purely in the interest of the corporate world. In this process 75 percent of the workers have been excluded from the purview of labor laws. The new laws will not provide any protection to these workers.

During this period, the banking industry will also participate in a nationwide strike called against the alleged anti-people, anti-farmer and anti-national policies of the Central Government, a common platform of the top 10 labor unions representing crores of workers and employees working across the country.

bank strike

Explain that at present, all states have one or more rural banks, the total number of which is 43. About 21 thousand branches, one lakh officers and employees of all kinds are working. There is also a large number of daily and part-time employees.

Significantly, AIBEA represents most of the banks except State Bank of India and Indian Overseas Bank. Its members are four lakh employees of various public and old private sector banks and some foreign banks. The statement said that about 30,000 employees of public sector banks, old generation private sector banks, regional rural banks and foreign banks will join the strike in Maharashtra.

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