Beaten at the end of the match in Lorient (2-3), PSG stalled in the league

We take the same and start again. The PSG, now driven by Mauricio Pochettino, wanted to bet on his offensive talents, the Fantastic Four Neymar – Kylian Mbappé – Angel Di Maria – Mauro Icardi, at the promoted Lorient. But as for its predecessor Thomas tuchel, the formula showed some flaws. Uninspired offensively, the Parisians lost in Brittany (2-3) at the very end of the match against stunning premises. Neymar’s two penalties were not enough to take cover.

This defeat, the first with the Argentine coach, once again underlines the defensive largesse and the imbalance that sometimes undermines the club of the capital when all its offensive assets are aligned. Paris leaves the leader’s chair in Lyon or Lille, if LOSC wins against Dijon, and could even see the fourth, Monaco, come back to just three points on the evening of the 22nd day.

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Accidents happen“. Difficult to contradict Mauricio Pochettino, who tried to play down the result at the end of the game. But at Paris Saint-Germain, this kind of setback must be a rarity. However, this is the fifth defeat in Paris since the start of the year, which had never happened after so few days since the arrival of QSI to inflate the means of the club in the capital. Accidents do happen, but they are even more annoying when the offender was previously warned.

Newly arrived on the bench, Pochettino is still breaking in to find how to make his car spin like a cuckoo. The meeting against Montpellier (4-0) last Saturday seemed to have given him some certainty about his offensive device. With the return in the form of Mauro icardi, the Parisian technician was able to draw on the recipes already proven at PSG, the famous “Fantastic Four” lined up from the outset in front to make the opposing defenses run wild in France. Only this composition, as enticing on paper as it is, does not make the last finalist of the Champions League bulletproof.

No going, no desire

It implies first of all that its offensive prodigies are in the game, to be able to ride on the competition. In Lorient this Sunday, it was in one of his most frustrating forms that he showed himself. The quartet spent most of their time getting entangled in the Breton rearguard, forcing dribbling, especially on the left side of the pitch where Neymar and Kylian Mbappé spent most of their time, even if it meant stepping on each other’s toes. The Brazilian does not have so much to be ashamed of, since he scored his two goals from the penalty spot, after having provoked the first. But his good performance sounded like a one-man show, so much Mauro icardi peak, and Angel Di Maria on the right corridor were absent from the debates.

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