Best Places for Deep Sea Diving

1. The Great Blue Hole, Belize

A deep dive list wouldn’t be complete without the Great Blue Hole. It is a 100 m wide and 124 m deep sinkhole that formed during the last ice age.

Below, you’ll see majestic karst limestone formations that plunge into the darkness of its depths. From above, the Great Blue Hole is very visible with its deep waters, confirming its deep wonders.

2. Key Largo, United States

Florida is one of the most colorful and diverse dive destinations in the United States. This dive spot is 55 meters deep and the water temperature is around 70F.

The most popular attraction here is the Northern Light. It is a 300 foot tall wreck with Spiegel Grove which is shallower than the latter.

3. The Pit, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

On the paradise of Playa del Carmen in Mexico, you’ll find The Pit. It is a cave dive which ranges from 36 to 121 meters. It is a complex cave system with a jump that leads to the main line.

In this cenote, divers aim to see the Wakulla room, a giant bowel in the cenote system. If you plan to dive into the pit, don’t expect to see anything within 100 feet

4. Utila, Honduras

One of the most iconic dive sites in North America is CJ’s Drop Off within the Turtle Harbor Marine Reserve. Here you can descend up to 300 meters.

For recreational divers, the limit is usually at 130 feet, but TEC divers can descend to full depth with proper coordination with locals.

5. Sipadan, Malaysia

One of the best diving spots in Asia is located in Sipadan in Malaysia. It is an underwater paradise filled with colorful fish and coral formations. Underwater, there are cave systems that every tec diver wants to see. You can also spot sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, bright fish and other schools of fish.


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