BforCure raises 2 million to decline its PCR test for cancer screening and monitoring

Rapidly measuring the effectiveness of cancer treatments on a daily basis is the new project of the start-up BforCure, created in 2018 in Montreuil in Seine-Saint-Denis. Since last May, it has been marketing a mobile laboratory that performs PCR tests in less than 15 minutes and is 95% reliable. To apply its technology to the diagnosis of certain cancers, the young innovative company has just partner with oncology specialist ID Solutions, which injects at the same time 2 million euros in the capial.

Called “Chronos Dx”, this mobile laboratory takes the form of a small white cube, the size of a microwave. Based on Fastgene technology, the small machine causes very rapid temperature changes in the reagent, which allows enzymes to chain-multiply the amount of DNA in the sample, for faster detection.

Bedside screening

If the technology, which obtained the CE IVD mark last April, is today only used for the diagnosis of the Covid-19 virus, SARS-CoV-2, the company intends to apply it to other diseases.

The purpose of this first fundraising is therefore to finance commercial development and R & D for new reagents. But this financial and technological partnership should also allow “the joint development, with ID Solutions, of a diagnostic test and therapeutic monitoring of certain forms of cancer”, explains the president and co-founder of BforCure, Maël Le Berre. “Concretely, this will allow rapid screening, at the bedside of the cancer patient, to follow the evolution of the concentration of biomarkers, several times a day, and thus understand whether the treatment is effective or whether it should be changed.” . “

Syndromic panel

Another innovation, BforCure is currently developing a technology allowing, via the Chronos Dx, to perform a syndromic panel, i.e. a test for several diseases at the same time, with a single reagent which identifies the characteristic signatures of each bacterium or virus tested.

To speed up its research, BforCure intends “very soon” to launch another fundraiser, “perhaps in the form of an IPO”.


Creation date : 2018
President : Maël le Berre
Rising : 2 million euros
Effective : 55 people
Sector: Biotechnologies

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