Bharwan Masala Bhindi Recipe: If you don’t like plain bhindi, then make stuffed bhindi masala in a special way, note the easy recipe?

Lifestyle Desk. Everyone always likes spicy vegetables. However, ladyfinger is such a vegetable that if you eat it plain then you will not enjoy it and if you beat the spices in it, it will give you a wonderful test. Let us teach you how to make Stuffed Bhendi Masala today.

So let’s know the recipe for making stuffed masala bhindi …


Okra – 250 grams coriander, powder – 1 tbsp, cumin powder – 1 tbsp, mango powder – 1 tbsp, turmeric – 1 tbsp red chilli powder – 1 tbsp cumin – 1 tbsp, fennel – a little salt – As per taste

The method of making stuffed ladyfinger is as follows…

To make stuffed ladyfingers, first wash the ladyfingers with clean water and dry and cut them. Take a bowl and mix all the spices in it. Keep aside the inside of the chopped ladyfinger.

Now put a pan on the gas. Add a little oil and when the oil is hot, add fennel and cumin seeds and add the lady finger stuffed with spices and cover it and let it cook.

Take care not to add water to it. Take your delicious stuffed bhindi in a few minutes of cooking. Now we can test it.


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