Bhelpuri Recipe: I feel like eating spicy but the market is closed … so make spicy Bhelpuri in a special way at home, note easy recipe?

Lifestyle Desk. People are upset due to the lockdown. Food and drinks are also not available as the markets are completely closed. If you are spending time at home, then during this time you should keep a passion for cooking. The habit of making something or the other can make you a good chef. Today we have brought the recipe of making Bhelpuri for the food lovers.

So let’s know about the recipe of making Bhelpuri in a special way …


Puffed rice – 1 cup, tomato ((chopped) – 1 cup, apple (chopped) – 1 cup, sweet and green chutney – Chaat masala as required – 1 tsp, salt – 1 tsp, groundnut – 1 tbsp, sev – Lemon – 1/2, onion – 1/4 cup (chopped) as needed

The way to make Bhelpuri is as follows…

To make Bhelpuri, firstly you put tomatoes, apples, sweet and spicy chutney in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients well. Now mix the puffed rice in it. Add chaat masala, salt and lemon juice on top and mix the whole things well. –

Take Bhelpuri like your market is ready in a while. You can enjoy it now by garnishing with peanuts and sev.


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