Birthday Special: After a tough struggle, Devanand made a special identity in the film industry

News Desk | Actor Devanand, who ruled the hearts of the audience for almost six decades in the Bollywood industry, had to struggle hard to turn his dream of becoming an actor into reality.

Born on 26 September 1923 in Gurdaspur, Punjab in a middle class family, Dharamdev Pishorimal Anand alias Devanand completed his graduation in English Literature in 1942 at the famous Government College in Lahore. Devanand wanted to study further, but his father clearly said that he does not have money to teach him and if he wants to study further, then take a job.

Devanand decided that if he wants to do a job, then why not try his luck in the film industry. When he reached Mumbai to fulfill his dreams in the year 1943, he had only 30 rupees and no place to live. Devanand reached here and rented a room in a cheap hotel near the railway station. He was accompanied by three other people in that room, who, like Devanand, were struggling to make their mark in the film industry.

When many days passed like this, Devanand thought that if he wants to live in Mumbai, then he will have to work for a living, no matter what job it is. After tireless efforts, he got the job of a clerk in the Military Censor Office. Here he had to read and recite the letters of the soldiers to the people of his family.


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