Blue Origin releases ticket booking teaser for a seat on Space Tourism Rocket

Washinton | Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and aerospace company Blue Origin, tweeted a video on his space tourism rocket, New Shepard, cutting tickets for the first seats.

The video shows Bezos wearing a cowboy hat and driving an electric Rivian truck through the Texas desert on April 14, just after Blue Origin’s 15th New Shepard test flight.

“Okay here we go” said Bezos driving the truck.

“Guys, how exciting it is, Sea Men” he said, as he exited the truck to inspect the crew capsule under the parachute.

The space company shared the video in a tweet on Thursday with the video, “You can buy a seat long ago on NewSheepyard. See the details on”

On 14 April, Blue Origin performed an ‘astronaut rehearsal’ during the company’s 15th re-usable test flight of the company’s reusable suborbital rocket New Sheppard, dubbed the NS15.

New Shepard’s last untested flight was ‘a validation step for the vehicle and operation before the astronauts flew’, Blue Origin said at the time, leaving subtle indications that its next flight might involve astronauts.



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