Boria Majumdar’s name came in front of the journalist who threatened Wriddhiman, retaliated on Saha

The name of Boria Majumdar has appeared in the journalist who threatened Team India’s wicket-keeper batsman Wriddhiman Saha. Majumdar himself came forward and raised the veil from this secret. However, Majumdar also said that he did not threaten Saha. He said that Saha has made fabricated allegations against him by tampering with the WhatsApp chat.

Boria Majumdar posted a video on social media saying, ‘There are always two sides to a story. Wriddhiman Saha tampered with the screenshot of the WhatsApp chat I had with him. This has caused a lot of damage to my image and credibility. I have demanded a just hearing from BCCI. My lawyer is making a defamation claim against Wriddhiman Saha. Let the truth come out.

This post of Boria Majumdar came after Wriddhiman Saha wrote in one of his posts that he has given the name of that journalist to the committee of BCCI constituted to investigate the matter. Saha had said, ‘I have told the committee everything that I know. I have given them all the information. Now they will answer your questions.

What is the whole matter?
Since the South Africa Test series, such reports were coming out that the team management has made up its mind not to give further chance to Wriddhiman Saha. After this, Saha withdrew his name from the Ranji team as well. A journalist wanted to interview him on this issue. The journalist also messaged him and made a call but Saha did not respond to it. After this the journalist threatened Saha on WhatsApp itself.

What did the journalist threaten?
When there was no response from Saha, the journalist messaged him and wrote, ‘You didn’t call. I will never interview you again. I cannot bear such humiliation and I will remember it. you should not have.’

What did Wriddhiman say on this?
Sharing the screenshot of this threat, Wriddhiman wrote, ‘After my so much contribution to Indian cricket, now I am facing these things from a so called journalist. Journalism is going in this direction now. After this tweet by Wriddhiman, there was an uproar in the cricket world and many former players had made public the name of the threatening journalist and demanded BCCI to take action on him.

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