Bring the best test to the guest coming home by mixing these 6 things in tea? So that it comes out with the first sip of tea…wow what a taste

Internet desk. Tea is given great importance in our country. We definitely ask for tea when anyone comes home. In the college canteen, we definitely drink tea to remove agility. Or friends sip tea on a thadi with friends. But to make tea tasty at home, what are the things to add, which make the taste of tea very tasty. So that the home tea drinker after taking the first sip says…wow…what a taste…

Let us know about those things by which tea can be made delicious.

1. Saffron tea is very famous and its benefits are also considered. Saffron is also used so that the taste and flavor of tea is different from everyday.

2. Star anise after being added to tea gives a somewhat similar taste as liquorice gives. If there is a sore throat etc., then star anise can prove to be a good option.

3. Cinnamon tea has a distinct flavor that you might like a lot. It looks very tasty during winters.

4. Just as turmeric milk is beneficial, so is turmeric tea which people drink. This tea is very tasty.

5. Clove is used a lot in tea and it is very beneficial in cold, cough, cold etc. Clove gives a slightly bitter taste to the tea.

6. If you are making tea without milk, then try using mint. This tea will not only give freshness but will also give such a great flavor.


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