Build an irresistible commercial offer

Selling is essentially a process of listening to your customers’ problems and finding solutions whose objective is to respond to these problems, partially or completely. [Pour construire son] commercial offer, it is important to address the right audience, the one who can afford your product or service.

Know your customers

Before building an irresistible offer, the very first prerequisite is therefore to know the needs of your customer avatar. That is to say, being able to know who he is, what he does, where he lives, what his problems are, his priorities, etc.

Knowing your customer avatar well is also being able to treat him like a friend, therefore knowing his social environment well and frequent the same universes than him. […]

Listening to customers’ emotions

Our human brain is lazy by nature. He prefers to run in automatic mode as often as possible. It is therefore necessary to be particularly attentive to the emotions of the customer when he is confronted with his problems, especially when they last and there is no satisfactory answer to his need.

Added value or nothing!

To build an irresistible offer, two conditions are essential: it must be irresistible in the eyes of your customer avatar rather than yours; your customer avatar should immediately understand the value of your offer.

An irresistible offer meets several criteria: it corresponds to a real need of your customer avatar, by providing it with valuemassive addition that he is able to perceive on his own quickly. In addition, your offer must also meet certain criteria for your business: it must be easy to produce, easy to deliver and hyperrentable.

Always remember that it is the customer who buys and therefore decides the true value of your offer. If your offer does not sell, your market is not seeing the added value. You then have two options: add value to your offer or change your offer. It is not more difficult than that!

Go beyond the question of price

In addition, for a customer to perceive the value of an offer, it […] must be formulated in clear language understandable by anyone [et] it should be easy to use or consume. Customers today want quick solutions to their problems; overall it must have a profit perceived by the customer as 10 times higher than his purchase price.

Pierre Cocheteux is a business development coach and founder of VRPS Consulting.
– Maxima Editions

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This text is taken from the book “Put your Ikagai at the service of your professional success”, written by Pierre Cocheteux, coach and founder of VRPS Consulting. It was published in August 2019 by Editions Maxima (24.80 euros, 230 pages).

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