Business: Signs of continuation in domestic stock market next week too

Mumbai With the positive trend globally, the corona virus vaccine by the end of the year indicated that the stock market rose more than 1.5 percent in the past week and the market is expected to be up next week.

Analysts said that with the hope of releasing a package for relieving carona in the US, the companies are expected to have better quarterly results domestically and the possibility of the vaccine coming to market by the end of this year to deal with the carona virus. Has gained strength.

Analysts said that the economy is picking up after the lockdown and this is improving the business of companies. Along with this, the impact of the developments happening at the global level is also visible on the domestic market.

It is worth mentioning that the 30-share sensitive index Sensex of BSE rose 1.76 percent ie 702.52 points to 40685.50 points and during this period the National Stock Exchange (NSE) Nifty rose 1.43 percent i.e. 167.90 points to 11930.35 points. During this period, the midcap of BSE rose 354.79 points to 14976.10 points and the smallcap rose 348.03 points to 15134.59 points.

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