Champions League – Andre Villas-Boas: ‘Marseille has no money to bring Guardiola, you have AVB and his tactics’

Praised since his arrival for his frank explanations and his communication, Andre Villas-Boas did not appreciate the questions of journalists following the defeat (3-0) of OM against Manchester City at the Vélodrome. “You are starting to criticize all the choices I make. I have this frank report with you, but all the same you should not exaggerate,” he said.

Manchester City was too strong for you?
André Villas-Boas:
We have a little bad luck anyway … Because of the lack of peace in the first half, you are hurting yourself by taking such a goal against such a team. Rongier wanted to release the ball. Then the second goal killed us a bit. Coupled with the fatigue of always defending to contain them, we paid off at the end, and it becomes a heavier defeat, but it doesn’t quite reflect the game, I think we were correct. I’m happy with the response from the players in the second half.

Why did you choose to play with five (in defense) and without Payet or Benedetto?
Eight out of ten teams have played five against City, this team has mastered the game, the width, they fit less between the lines if you play with five. Payet and Benedetto are choices linked to the strategy of the match, to seek speed behind the opponent’s back. But Lorient (1-0 victory for OM) or City is not the same thing! You start to criticize all the choices I make. I have this frank report with you, but still you must not exaggerate, City is City, spent more than a billion over years to build this team, has a coach who is a phenomenon, plays possession of the ball , as with Bayern Munich or Barcelona. Unfortunately Marseille has no money to bring Guardiola, unfortunately you have AVB and his tactics … “

It becomes difficult for the qualification …
The double day against Porto becomes fundamental. It would be better for us if City wins their two matches against Olympiakos, and that we do results against Porto to dream of the round of 16. If Porto win the first at home, it will become very difficult. We rather missed points in Greece than today against a favorite.

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