Champions League: Liverpool banned from entering Germany for the match in Leipzig in the round of 16

The Covid-19 and its English variant risk continuing to make life difficult in football in this second part of the season. Liverpool will not be allowed to travel to Leipzig to play the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League against Leipzig, the German government has announced.

The ban on entry into German territory from Great Britain does not provide for “special exemption for professional athletes”, told AFP a spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Interior, specifying that the Leipzig-Liverpool meeting did not “did not justify derogating” to these rules. No solution has yet been found. The Leipzig club expected such a decision and, according to information from SID, AFP’s sports subsidiary, is working on a plan B.

Leipzig losing on the green carpet?

This regulation officially runs until at least February 17 and primarily concerns Great Britain where a variant of the coronavirus, estimated to be much more contagious, is very widespread. UEFA has given the German club until February 8 to find an alternative, otherwise they risk losing the match on the green carpet 3-0.

The regulations of the body which manages football in Europe specify that, in this type of situation, “the home club (…) is required to offer an adequate replacement stadium. This stadium can be located in a neutral country (on the territory of a UEFA member association) provided that the match can take place there without any restriction applying to both clubs.“.

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