Commercial LPG cylinder price hiked by Rs 266 in one go, no increase in domestic LPG

New Delhi. The government petroleum companies have given a big blow to the businessmen doing food business on the first day of November itself. State-run petroleum companies have today increased the prices of LPG (LPG) for commercial cylinders by Rs 266 from today from November 1, 2021. It is to be known that today there has been no increase in domestic LPG cylinders.

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This means that due to the increased prices of petrol and diesel, it was already expensive for common people to travel and buy vegetables and food items. Now going out on weekends to eat food is also going to be expensive. The impact of this price increase is going to be felt from street food businessmen to 5 star hotels. Apart from this, this price hike of LPG (LPG) for commercial cylinders will also have an impact on the price of canned food items.

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As a result of the increase in the prices of commercial LPG cylinders by the state-owned petroleum companies on Monday, 1 November, 19 kg commercial cylinders in Delhi will cost Rs 2000.50 from today as against Rs 1734 earlier. Whereas in Mumbai from today Rs 1950 will have to be spent for a commercial gas cylinder of 19 kg. Now a 19 kg gas cylinder in Kolkata has become Rs 2073.50, while in Chennai now a 19 kg cylinder will be available for Rs 2133.

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