Control Your Diabetes: If you are a victim of diabetes, then include them in your diet and keep distance from them?

Internet desk. The number of diabetes patients in the country is increasing everyday. According to the World Diabetes Association, India has the highest number of diabetes patients. For this, India is also called the capital of diabetes disease. It is an incurable disease that lasts for a lifetime. In this disease, there is a special need for abstinence. If negligent, the disease can prove dangerous. For this, doctors always advise diabetic patients to stay away from sweets and do daily workouts. This keeps blood sugar under control. If you are also a diabetic patient and want to control blood sugar, then pay special attention to breakfast diet.

Let’s know here what a diabetes patient should eat for breakfast in the morning and what not?

Eat fruits and vegetables with low sugar

– In the morning breakfast, consume high-fiber and low-sugar foods. Fiber gets rid of craving. Also, the risk of increasing sugar is reduced. As we all know that diabetes patients should avoid sweet. For this, eat fruits and vegetables containing low sugar at breakfast.


Oatmeal is called superfood. Eating oatmeal in the morning breakfast proves beneficial. Oatmeal is made with both sweet and salty methods. However, diabetic patients should eat salted porridge. If you want to make delicious, then use vegetables.

Brown bread

It is good to start the day with brown bread. It contains abundant carbs. However, it does not contain sugar. In addition, bread has high fiber, which plays an important role in controlling blood sugar.


Avocado is considered an excellent fruit. Morning breakfast can include avocado. Apart from this, fresh fruits, eggs and omelets can also be consumed.

What to avoid

Diabetes patients should not drink tea or coffee during breakfast.

Do not consume fresh or packed juice at all.

Do not eat bread made from flour.

-Chocolate, pastries, processed foods, croissants, etc., stay away from sweet things.


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