Corona infected mother can breastfeed children, but these things have to be taken care of

New Delhi: There is an atmosphere of concern in the whole country regarding the possible third wave of Corona. On the other hand, parents of newborn babies are worried about their care. There is a question in the minds of lactating mothers whether they can breastfeed their baby even after getting infected with the corona virus.

Dr. Manju Puri, Head (HOD) of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi said that a mother can continue to breastfeed her child even after getting infected. However, they also have to take a lot of precautions. Dr. Manju Puri said that women should maintain adequate distance from their children after feeding. On the other hand, while talking about the corona vaccine myths, he said that the vaccine does not affect our reproductive organs or cause infertility. The vaccine against corona only helps the body to increase immunity against the virus, it does not affect any other tissue of the body.

Dr. Manju Puri said that those whose reports have come corona negative can also help in breastfeeding newborn babies. However, it is very important to follow the rules like washing hands, wearing a mask, face shield before breastfeeding. Also it is imperative to clean the surrounding environment thoroughly.


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