Corona virus vaccine may arrive in America in early January: US officials

WashingtonA US administration official spearheading efforts to control the Kovid-19 infection in the US has said that the corona virus vaccine may be available in the country as early as January 2021, while President Donald Trump said the vaccination would May start from month.

Many MPs, experts and public health officials of both parties say that the country is not ready to deal with it due to the possibility of increasing infections in winter. Assistant Minister for Preparation and Response at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Dr. Robert Kadlec, said in an email on Friday that the administration was “speeding up the production of safe and effective vaccines … so that their availability in early January 2021 To be sure

HHS says the vaccine may be approved before the end of the year, but its delivery will take time. At the same time, Trump has said at rallies, debates and news conferences that the vaccine could arrive in a few weeks. Trump said at a press conference last week, “We think we can start it at any time in October. (Agency)


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