Covid-19 Research: Corona will be gone, but these diseases will be given to us ..! Even after the infection is over, these symptoms will bother you for a long time

Internet desk. The second round of the Corona vaccine has started in the country. Now common people over 60 years of age and sick people over 45 years of age are being vaccinated with the corona vaccine. A large number of people still suffer from corona in the country. Despite ongoing vaccination drives worldwide, complications and concerns related to infection have only increased. Recently, with the introduction of new form of Corona virus, cases of Kovid have increased rapidly, due to which a new crisis has arisen in front of common people along with medical experts.

At the same time, a new research has found that if infected with Kovid-19, its symptoms can be disturbed for a long time even after recovering. In the new research published in the journal JAMA, 234 people suffering from Kovid-19 were contacted between August and November. They were asked questions based on experience between the 3rd and 9th months of the transition.

The study found that the coronavas can cause yaws symptoms or medical complications, which last weeks and months even after recovering. Among these, the most common symptoms of long-lasting are fatigue, feeling of aroma and taste, mental confusion and difficulty in performing daily household chores.

Battling exhaustion

Extreme tiredness is considered one of the most common and prominent symptoms of Kovid-19. Whether you are struggling with the initial symptoms of Kovid-19, or a prolonged illness, all Kovid patients have complained of exhaustion. Research has found that 24 out of 177 Kovid patients suffer from prolonged fatigue.

Smell and taste not known

Similarly, research showed that 24 patients complained of not feeling the aroma and taste even after recovering from this deadly infection. Scientists say that this is because the virus affects the incident olfactory senses.

Mantle problem

Brain fog, or mental confusion, is counted among other symptoms of a long covid. The research found this symptom in 23 patients. Previously, people who had been cured of Kovid have been found to be victims of mental confusion. They find it difficult to keep their point and explain it. Some have also complained of having trouble speaking or not being able to talk without stopping.


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