Covid-19: “We have to distinguish between science and political decision-making”, recalls Raphaël Chevrier


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Raphaël Chevrier, doctor in physics and columnist for the scientific press, is the guest of 11 pm, Wednesday March 31, on the occasion of the release of his book “What does science say?” (Buchet / Chastel editions).

In his work What does science say? (Buchet / Chastel editions), the doctor of physics Raphaël Chevrier popularizes a large number of issues that are in the news, like the Covid-19, the pandemic and vaccines, but also scientific decision-making. “Science has come into our lives a bit suddenly with the health crisis, and we’ve all learned to analyze all kinds of data to make sense of what’s going on. The world is going to become more and more scientific and technological, but it does not happen overnight “, he explains on the 11 p.m. set, Wednesday March 31.

However, for Raphaël Chevrier, with the influx of data and information sources, a “difficulty in navigating, in distinguishing”. “First, what comes under knowledge, that is to say the science which leads to a scientific consensus, then from research, the science which is in the process of being made and which can therefore be subject to debate , and finally, what is a political decision “, specifies the doctor in physics, with reference to the restrictive measures put in place by the government.

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