Deconfinement: from December 15, minors can return to the gym or the swimming pool

There will be no reopening of the stadiums to the public next week. Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed, Thursday, December 10, the continuation of the closed session at least until January to continue to stop the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. On the other hand, the constraints are loosened for young people. For them, the gymnasiums and swimming pools will reopen from Tuesday, December 15.

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Since the end of November, they have been allowed to practice outdoors in football or rugby clubs and sports lessons at school have never stopped during confinement. The goal is always the same for the government: to promote the practice of sport among young people to limit the effects of confinement on health.

Collective indoor sports, combat sports, swimming, gym clubs are concerned in particular. The health protocol remains very strict and the resumption of activities temporary, just a few days before the Christmas holidays. This remains a relief for Maguelone Aribaud, president of the Goéland Gym club, in the suburbs of Toulouse: “It’s very frustrating but I’m not going to tell you it’s bad news because we’ve been waiting for this for so long. The kids just want to get back to training at the gym. We will consider it as an aperitif before resuming all normally in January if the sanitary situation allows. “

“This is very good news and a way before the holidays that everyone comes together to celebrate this January revival, hoping it will be effective.”

Maguelone Aribaud, president of a gymnastics club

to franceinfo

The stake of this recovery for the clubs is also to stop the flight of licensees: less 20% on average according to the French National Olympic and Sports Committee.

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