Dental Health: Avoid these seven foods to prevent tooth discoloration

We all want to have healthy, shiny white teeth that shine when we smile. However, due to the consumption of certain foods and lack of attention to the health of the teeth, discoloration of the teeth is becoming a common practice. While many people consider seeing a dentist to whiten their teeth as a good option, avoiding certain foods can also prevent yellowing of teeth. Most whitening products use chemicals to bleach your teeth, which worries many people.

Let us know seven foods that can turn your teeth yellow.

*Black coffee – it stains your teeth, making them look yellow.

*Tea – Just like coffee, regular consumption of tea can cause stains on the teeth. “Avoid black tea and choose green, white and herbal teas that are healthier.”

*Red wine – According to nutritionists, the acids present in wine make rough spots and discolor the teeth.

*Golla and Slush – In summer we are tempted to consume these icy foods, but they are not good for your teeth. “Ice-cold beverages make a perfect plot for the food colorings in Slush and Gola to cause tooth stains.”

*Tobacco- In addition to being injurious to health, tobacco is also harmful to your teeth. “The coal tar in tobacco causes dark brown or black spots from smoking or chewing tobacco.”

*Soy Sauce- Flavored substances like soy sauce can also stain teeth.


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