Despite the pandemic, Bangle-Up jewelry arrives in South Korea and Italy

For a year, the French jewelry brand Bangle-up suffers from the forced closure of the department stores in which it is listed. The company that employs 8 employees ended the year 2020 with sales down 20%. But without export, which represents 20% of turnover, the shock would have been much more severe! The international market held up better than the domestic market. Almost since its launch at the end of 2014 by Danielle Kopriwa and Kevin Hiridjee, partner since gone on new adventures, the company turned to abroad. It is now present in around twenty countries, in Europe, Asia and the United Arab Emirates. Among a plethora of offerings, jewelry created in Paris, but produced in Asia for cost reasons, stood out outside the national territory thanks to a style ” easily identifiable, based on colored patterns, like printed fabrics », According to Danielle Kopriwa, former associate director of Princess Tam lingerie. Tam.

Commercial agents to develop

Depending on the geographic area targeted, the brand operates differently. In European countries, Belgium, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and since 2021 in Italy, the entrepreneur works through independent multi-card sales agents responsible for promoting the jewelry lines to stores and concept- local blinds. Bangle-Up selects these representatives based on three main criteria: knowledge of the market, a network of loyal resellers and a real affinity for the products in order to obtain a lasting presence.

Present in China, Dubai since 2019 and South Korea since this year, the French jeweler signs a exclusive distribution contract with distributors who sometimes have their own chain of stores.

Support and financial assistance

Deprived of the Maison & Objet trade fairs where it meets its foreign clients in Paris twice a year, the brand has converted to remote prospecting. With the support of Business France, she recently participated in two virtual showrooms, one dedicated to the transalpine market, the other to South Korea. ” Thanks to these events, we found an agent for part of Italy as well as a Korean distributor », Congratulates the manager. Participation in these two digital exhibitions was funded at 50% by “export stimulus checks”, a system managed by Business France.

In addition, the Parisian SME benefited from the support of theBpifrance “Fashion & Luxury” accelerator. ” For a year, an international trade expert helped me structure the strategy to go to the export markets, an approach that cannot be improvised. », Explains Danielle Kopriwa, now busy deploying her jewelry more in countries where sales are beginning. One of his great satisfactions: having convinced the Louvre Abu Dhabi. ” After visiting the museum shop, I asked my distributor to offer them the collection, says the leader. No doubt encouraged by our past experiences at the Musée d’Orsay and Versailles, the local buyer liked it. And the brand was able to install a jewelry display there. A contract with no time limit.

– Bangle-Up / Maeva Delacroix

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