Dussehra, dry fruits cheap before Diwali, know the new prices of cashew, almond, raisins

new Delhi. Cashew, almonds and raisins often become expensive as soon as Dussehra, Diwali, but this time dry fruits have become cheaper in the festive season. The price of dry fruits has continued to decline since the lockdown following the Corona crisis in the country. In fact, the biggest reason for this is the lack of demand for dry fruits in the market. Demand for dry fruits generally increases on festivals, but this time during Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali seasons, customers are away from shops.

Price fell from the beginning of the year

According to sources, between January and October this year, there is a steady decline in the prices of dry fruits and prices have come down significantly.

Cashew and raisins become cheaper

The cashew which was being sold at Rs 800 per kg in January is down to Rs 650 in October. Similarly, the price of raisins has also come down from Rs 240 per kg to Rs 220.

Dry fruits

Date of date of delivery also reduced

The date has also come down from Rs 300 per kg in January to Rs 280 in October. Although the price of figs has risen. At present it has increased from Rs 750 to Rs 800 per kg.

Walnut and almond prices fell

Walnut was selling around Rs 850 in January, which has come down to Rs 600 per kg in October. Almond was also sold for Rs 650 in January, which has come down to Rs 590 in October.

Dry fruits

Soft cardamom frown

In January, the price of small cardamom was Rs 5000 per kg, which has come down to Rs 3000 per kg in October. It is believed that in the coming time, due to corona, there may be further decline.

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