Entering the field, this dog had become a fielder, now ICC has given ‘Dog of the Month’ award

ICC Dog Of The Month: The ICC has announced its ‘Player of the Month’ awards yesterday. In these awards, the limelight was not stolen by any player but a dog named ‘Dazzle the Dog’. This is the same dog that recently entered the field during a women’s domestic tournament in Ireland and became a fielder. Due to his funny antics during that match, this dog has become very popular. This is the reason that this time the ICC has also announced to give the ‘ICC Dog of the Month’ award to ‘Dazzle the Dog’. Let us tell you that England’s Test captain Joe Root has been named ‘ICC Player of the Month’ for the month of August. Apart from this, Ireland all-rounder Imier Richardson has been declared the women’s ICC Player of the Month.

Along with this, the ICC has awarded ‘Dazzle the Dog’ with two more awards, ‘Player of the Moment Award’ and ‘Best Fielder in Ireland Cricket’. The ICC has posted a picture of ‘Dazzle the dog’ on its official Twitter handle, in which he is seen pressing the ball in the mouth. Simultaneously, the ICC wrote, “This time we have another winner for the Player of the Month Award.”

In another post, the ICC also shared a video of that funny incident during the match and wrote, “This extraordinary fielding sight on the field was worth watching.”

Know what was this funny incident

In fact, this cricket match was being played between the teams of Brady and CSNI in the women’s domestic tournament in Ireland. This incident happened in the ninth over of CSNI’s innings. Team batsman AB Leckie played the ball towards short third man and ran to take a run. The fielder present there threw the ball towards wicketkeeper Rachel Hepburn, who threw the ball over the wicket in an attempt to run out the batsman. However, Hepburn missed the target and the ball went towards cover. Meanwhile, the dog (‘Dazzle the dog’) who had taken entry on the field reached near the ball, pressed it in his mouth and started running here and there. All this happened so suddenly that all the players on the field could not understand anything. The commentators also could not stop laughing after this incident.

The dog started circling the ground pressing the ball in his mouth. Then a spectator who was probably the owner of the dog came to the ground and tried to catch him. Meanwhile, in an attempt to escape, the dog reached the batsman Aof Fischer at the non-strike end. After caressing Fisher, the dog released the ball from his possession. After this funny act, this dog became so popular that now the ICC has also had to award it by making it a special category of ‘Dog of the Month’.

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