EPL 2022: Last match day full of adventure, Manchester City got the title in the last minutes

Manchester City: The 38th and last match day of the English Premier League (EPL) was no less than a drama. Sometimes it felt that the title of this season was going to be in the hands of Liverpool, and sometimes City appeared ahead in the race to win it. In the last 15 minutes, more colors came to this drama. In the final minutes, while Liverpool strikers were lashing out against Wolverhampton Wanderers, City’s midfielders attacked Aston Villa’s goal post after going 2-0 down. In the end, goals from Goodon and Rodri put the trophy in the hands of City.

Liverpool were close to winning the title thanks to Aston Villa
Manchester City remained on top this entire season of EPL but in the last match of the season, the trophy was almost out of his hands. City faced Aston Villa in the last match. Goals from Matthew Cash and Philippe Coutinho helped Villa take a 2-0 lead over City. If Villa had won the match, City would have only 90 points. Even if the match had ended in a draw, City would have had 91 points. In such a situation, Liverpool could have won the EPL trophy with 92 points, but in the last 15 minutes, City’s midfielders scored three goals one after the other to win their team and beat Liverpool by one point and took the title.

Such was the performance of City and Liverpool this season
In this season of EPL, City won 29 out of 38 matches and lost in 3. While 6 matches were drawn. In this way, City topped the points table with a total of 93 points. Whereas Liverpool won 28 out of 38 matches and lost 2 matches while their 8 matches were drawn. In this way Liverpool finished second in the points table with 92 points.

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