Female entrepreneurship: the Bloom incubator relies on intergenerationality

Bloom’s first promotion has just started. This incubator launched this spring by the Force Femmes association is dedicated to women entrepreneurs over 45. The program relies on the contribution of experts and 30-year-old startuppers. Four years after the creation of his company, Patricia Le Bigot wanted to ” take a step back “. With nine other entrepreneurs from various sectors, the manager ofAlliance Morbihan Transport (9 employees) joined the first batch of the incubator. A free program, where for 100 days, it will be question ” to think about its strategy, redefine the objectives and find a new dynamic “.


Willa (formerly Paris Pionnières), Goldup (The Family), Sista x Bold… Female entrepreneurship programs are meeting increasing success. The latest to date, the Bloom incubator stands out from the others on several fronts. First, its target: business creators over 45 years old with between three and five years of activity, whatever the sector. This time criterion is not chosen at random. At this stage, the structure is often at a turning point. It needs a new roadmap to accelerate its development. The age criterion is that which in the past presided over the launch of Force Femmes. In fifteen years, the organization has supported 30,000 women aged 45 and over in their job search or business creation. A form of help of which Bloom is the logical extension. Because although they are experienced, the leaders encounter the same obstacles as their beginner counterparts, such as access to financing more complicated. The lack of solidarity and network, especially in very masculine sectors, can also handicap the entrepreneur.

Open horizons

Funded by Moody’s, Bank of America and the Ministry in charge of equality between women and men, the incubator will connect the participants to new types of interlocutors, like the founders of Joone and Funky Veggie. At a time when some are thinking about the digitization of their traditional activity (Transport, BtoB services, furniture production, etc.), the advice of these startuppers who are familiar with online marketing is timely.

The gaze of a mentor

The originality of the program is to bet on the intergenerational as much as possible. ” The entrepreneurs are surrounded by thirty-something, men or women, whose codes and looks are different from the actors they usually meet. », Says Véronique Morali, president of Force Femmes. In all, around thirty experts, financial analysts and entrepreneurs are available to participants. Each of them also benefits from a personal mentor, generally a manager of a company or subsidiary of large groups. The support process takes place in several major stages: inventory, SWOT analysis, strategic reflection, definition of a road plan and operational implementation.

Bloom should operate at the rate of an annual session but with an ambition to quickly expand the system to 20 designers per promotion instead of 10.

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