For Etienne Le Scaon (Elevo), friends help to take a step back

Etienne Le Scaon is the co-founder of Hublo, a digital marketing software acquired in 2015 by Criteo, then, at the end of 2016, of Elevo, an employee monitoring platform for HRDs. To create his second box, he did not call on the money of his relatives. But, the entrepreneur admits, his friends play a key role.

Take a step back

When you are an entrepreneur, the biggest risk is to merge with the company: if we are asked to start things are going, we answer that the company is doing well. However, it is necessary to be able to make the distinction and it is in this mission that my relatives help me the most. », Confides Etienne Le Scaon, who has teamed up with two good friends each time, Thibault Vilon and Léo Goffic.

Because they know him well and are close to him on a daily basis, his relatives are able to detect when he is not well and needs a break. ” It is important to disconnect completely several times a year, he continues. When Hublo was created, we wanted to go fast and we quickly found ourselves in burn-out. There, we know that the adventure will last several years, so we change the pace. »Elevo now employs around twenty people.

In case of hard knocks, Etienne Le Scaon turns to his friends, because his confidence is flawless, which allows him to reveal his own. ” At the start of Elevo, our business model was quite seasonal and we experienced periods of crossing the desert. Fortunately, those close to us are there to help us take a step back, cut back a bit, and see what exists around our project.

Mutual aid and sharing

Relatives are also an infallible resource for mutual aid and sharing. This is essential when starting a business, but also throughout its development. ” We are fortunate to have a circle of friends still very present, explains the CEO of Elevo. With my associates, some of us met on the benches of the Télécom Paris Tech school and they now occupy important positions in start-ups and have specific skills that they naturally offered us in order to help us. . We help each other, we discuss, we exchange a lot.

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