Foreign investors and mutual funds from Indian state-owned company

New Delhi. There is a huge jump in the shares of zinc and small private companies in the Indian stock market. Retail investors are being trapped in such companies to earn big money. Such a situation has now arisen even in a government company. Shares of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC), led by the Ministry of Railways, also rallied before splitting at the end of an unexpected move that began in March. IRCTC Rs. 500 in just two sessions. Small investors were doomed to drop to 200. As of 30 September, the share price was Rs 3 per share, which was around Rs 5,000 on the record date of the 9th split.

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However, even after the distribution of shares, the craze of IRCTC is not decreasing. As per the company’s listing on BSE, November 9, 2021 saw a bumper growth in the number of retail investors with a capital investment of less than Rs 5 lakh. Retail investors rose to 30.50% on November 9 from 19.12% at the end of the quarter ended September 30. There has also been a marginal increase in the number of investors who have invested more than two lakhs.

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Interestingly, the Singapore government did not even have a name in the shareholders’ list as of 9 November. That is, they have sold their stake. It had a 1.5% stake at the end of the September quarter. Apart from this, FPIs also held 5.81% stake. Which has now come down to 6.5%. Mutual funds also have shocking figures. As of September 30, the fund house held 6.5%, down only 0.2% from the November list, which means that fund houses have also heavily invested in IRCTC and retained retail investors.

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