Foreign investors liked the Indian market, net investment of Rs 7,605 crore in September

New Delhi. Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) who were increasingly excited in the month of August in the Indian stock market are investing heavily in the month of September as well. These foreign investors have made a net investment of Rs 7,605 crore in the month of September till the first of the current trading week.

Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) invested Rs 3,220 crore in the debt segment, while Rs 4,385 crore in the equity market in the month of September, according to data received from depositories till the end of the second trading week i.e. September 9. In this way, during the first nine days of the month, foreign portfolio investors invested a total of Rs 7,605 crore.

Experts say that the strength of the stock market and signs of improvement in the Indian economy have attracted foreign portfolio investors to the Indian stock market. Simultaneously, the stability of the rupee in the currency market and the increasing bond spread difference between India and the US has attracted the attention of foreign portfolio investors to the Indian debt and bond markets. Due to the attractiveness of the stock market and debt market, these investors had invested Rs 16,459 crore in the Indian market earlier in the month of August as well. Of this, a record Rs 14,376.2 crore was invested in the bond market.

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However, it has recently been clarified by the US Federal Reserve that the US central bank will examine the global economy as well as review the impact of the current changes on the US market before making changes in the interest rate. Obviously, there is little chance of any immediate change in interest rates in the US.

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Experts say that in this situation, the strength of the Indian market can motivate foreign investors to infuse capital into India. However, a possibility remains volatile in the global economy till the month of December. Due to this, fluctuations in the investment of foreign investors can also be seen in the Indian market.

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