Foreign portfolio investors withdrew a total of Rs 11,308 crore in July

Mumbai. So far, foreign portfolio investors have withdrawn Rs 11,308 crore from their investments in the market in July, due to which we have seen that the stock market has not been able to sustain its high levels many times in the month of July. Selling by foreign portfolio investors kept pressure on the Sensex and Nifty. However, now we are seeing an increase in Nifty and Sensex in August due to local institutional investors.

Experts say that the main reason for the total withdrawal of investment from the Indian stock markets is the rising cases of Kovid-19 in many countries, high oil prices, slow domestic recovery and rising inflation which may boost India’s fiscal deficit. Is .

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Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) have invested Rs 49,036 crore in India’s equity segment in the year 2021 so far. Foreign portfolio investors had invested Rs 17,215 crore in June. Later we are seeing an outflow of 11,308 crores in July. Which could be a matter of concern for the market going forward.

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Foreign portfolio investors’ exposure to the Indian economy is a barometer of confidence that foreign investors reflect in the Indian market. When foreign portfolio investors increase their investments, it indicates that their attitude towards the Indian economy is positive and if they are withdrawing their money from the Indian market, then their investment attitude towards the Indian economy is considered negative.

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