franceinfo junior. A polar station will leave to study climate change in the Arctic

The Tara Foundation has just announced a new scientific exploration in the Arctic: Tara Polar Station. We talk about it in franceinfo junior Carole Balducci, communication director of the Tara Ocean Foundation.

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It is CM2 students from the Rouanet school in Paris who ask the questions at the franceinfo junior microphone on Monday June 27. They interview Carole Balducci, communication director of the Tara Ocean Foundation. The subject that intrigues them: the Tara Polar Station base, which will study the Arctic until 2045.

Will the base really be at the North Pole? What will it be used for? How long will this mission last? Children have many questions on the subject. Like Younes, who worries about living conditions there: “How many people will there be in this base?”, asks the student. Children also wonder if mission scientists have ever been to the Arctic and seen “from the melting ice floe”. Reporting on global warming is one of the goals of these Tara missions.

On this page, re-listen in full to the children’s questions about this future polar mission and the guest’s answers.

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