franceinfo junior. Explorer Jean-Louis Etienne answers children’s questions

This summer, the children of franceinfo junior play the explorers: Monday July 4, direction the North and South poles with the adventures of the explorer doctor, Jean-Louis Etienne.

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Jean-Louis Etienne was the first to reach the North Pole alone in 1986. It is at the South Pole that he wants to continue his explorations, with the Polar Pod project, a vertical and stable boat to study this part of the ocean. Antarctica, known for its agitation and storms, which complicates scientific research campaigns. In this franceinfo junior program, Jean-Louis Etienne is interviewed by three children, intrigued by his past and future missions.

“How many explorations did you do?”, Josephine first asks at the microphone. Adrien is wondering “what can the profession of explorer be used for?. Back to basics with this question from Zoé : “What motivated you as a child to become an explorer?” The opportunity for Jean-Louis Etienne to tell how nature was his “refuge” as a child, which gave him the desire to go on expeditions in the great outdoors.

On this page, re-listen in full to this franceinfo junior program with the explorer doctor Jean-Louis Etienne.

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