franceinfo junior. How are the astronauts selected?

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet during training at NASA in Houston (Texas), June 19, 2020 (BILL STAFFORD / NASA / AFP)

The European space agency, ESA, is recruiting: the campaign to find new astronauts has just started. Applications are open from March 31 to May 28. It is about becoming astronauts, which is to say that it is very selective. The subject intrigued the pupils of the Croix-Luizet school in Vileurbanne, near Lyon. To answer their questions : Jean-François Clervoy, ex-astronaut who has been to space three times.

To start the show, Sarah wonders what the astronauts’ missions are : “What are they doing in space ? ” His comrade wants to know if there are tests more important than others to choose those who will go on a mission. The opportunity for the former astronaut to talk about the criteria and qualities required and the tests carried out to select the astronauts. Another student also wants to know if many women can become astronauts, “or it is specifically the men” ? Listen again to the franceinfo junior program devoted to the selection of astronauts, with Jean-François Clervoy.

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