franceinfo junior. What are the sciences for?

The Fête de la science, the opportunity to learn more about different professions. (DANIEL MIHAILESCU / AFP)

Until October 12, it is the Fête de la science all over France. The opportunity for the franceinfo junior program to dive into the scientific world and go through the door of the guest’s laboratory to find out more.

Christophe Daussy is a teacher at the Sorbonne Paris-Nord University, and a researcher at the Physical Laboratory of Lasers. He is also an ambassador for the Festival of the science in Île-de-France. He is interviewed by three CM2 students from Notre-Dame school in Mantes-la-Jolie in Yvelines. Kahyan, Clara and Adrien are very intrigued by the subject. Like her comrades, Clara would even like to make it her job: to become an engineer to invent less polluting planes.

What is science for? Do you have to do long studies? What is our guest of the day trying to discover? Do we work alone in the laboratory? On this page, listen to the entire franceinfo junior program dedicated to science.

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