franceinfo junior. Why send tourists into space?

The French astronaut Jean-François Clervoy at the Cité de l’Espace, in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) on February 23, 2016 (FRÉDÉRIC FLEUROT / FRANCE BLEU OCCITANIE / RADIO FRANCE)

20 years ago, on April 28, 2001, a wealthy businessman became the first space tourist, for a sum of 20 million dollars: it is Dennis Tito who took place in a Soyuz mission. While there is a lot of talk at the moment about the Alpha mission in the ISS orbiting the Earth, franceinfo junior is interested this time in space tourism. A subject that inspires dreams and questions Anna and Gabriel, 8 and 10 years old. They ask their questions to Jean-François Clervoy, former astronaut, co-author of a History of the conquest of space (Vuibert ed.).

To start the show, Anna first wants to know “how they manage to send tourists into space”, with rockets, combinations? “Do they have the right to go to other planets to observe how they are” the schoolgirl continues. Gabriel wonders in turn: “Would there be space hotels or visitor centers orbiting Earth or just on another planet?” The schoolboy wonders if such a trip would not take a long time, “at least a year and a half” he wonders. On this page, you can listen to the entire franceinfo junior program devoted to space tourism.

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