Friendly: the Blue win against England (3-1)

The Parisians Sandy Baltimore (32nd) and Marie-Antoinette Katoto (82nd), as well as Viviane Asseyi from the penalty spot (63rd), drew the French success, a time weakened by a penalty from Fran Kirby (79th) and a strike on the post Keira Walsh (81st) who made the Blue shivers in a breathless end of the game.

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin, luxury replacement

Deprived because of Covid-19 of almost all of the Lyonnaises of the workforce, except the striker Eugénie Le Sommer, Corinne Deacon had to line up a completely experimental eleven. Fortunately, goalkeeper Pauline Peyraud-Magnin was intractable, especially in front of Lyonnaise Nikita Parris (24th, 33rd, 39th), propelled to the rank of N.1 after the voluntary withdrawal of Sarah Bouhaddi, otherwise the Blue would have ran after the score.

The French women were able to keep their backs round and respond to the English physical intensity with a sharp transition game, symbolized for example by the daring of the young Calvadosienne Ella Palis, unimpressed by the Ornano stadium where she came, as a small child. , support the Stade Malherbe de Caen.

Without the Lyonnaises, the Parisiennes shone

Symbolized, also and above all, by a sparkling performance of the young wing of Paris SG, Sandy Baltimore: the attacker illuminated the cool Norman evening with a skylight missile (32nd), his second goal with the Blue, for his first tenure. This inspiration rewarded the excellent season of the PSG player, already very comfortable in the selection at 21, alongside her club partners Katoto or Kadidiatou Diani, both involved in her goal.

This will therefore undoubtedly suffice for Deacon, now reassured about the depth of his group, very regular for nearly two years. A regularity to oppose to the Americans, from now on. They thus stretch their unbeaten streak to 16 games since this cursed quarter-final, including 14 victories, but the first against a team appearing so high in the world rankings (6th).

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