Funny: Dog got his owner running early in the morning, watching the video will surely make you laugh

A video of a dog is going viral on social media these days. In which he is seen running his own boss. You too will laugh when you see it.

Some funny videos about animals keep going viral on social media. Social media users especially like to watch dog viral videos. This is because dogs are considered to be the most loyal animals on earth. He remains 100% loyal to his master. It does all the work assigned by the owner very well. One such video is going viral on social media these days. In which a dog is running after its owner.

In the viral video you can see that a man looks for an excuse to avoid running but he forgets that his trainer is not a man but a dog. The same person is trying to do something here and there. The dog cleverly extends the water pipe towards its owner. Water must have come from the pipe, the owner gets upset and starts running and the dog also runs after them with the pipe.

Cant stop laughing..

— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) March 20, 2022

Watch this funny video of Doggy

This funny video has been shared on Twitter account buitengebieden_. It has garnered over 1.5 million views since the news was written and people are reacting to it after watching the video.

One user commented, “This dog will definitely take revenge. I wish everyone had such a trainer. Overall, this video is getting a lot of likes from the people.


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