Gas cylinder: then price of large domestic gas cylinder, know how much will have to be paid now

new Delhi. The central government has given the common man another blow of inflation. Oil companies have increased the price of LPG cylinders. Government oil companies have increased the domestic gas cylinder by Rs 25, while the price of commercial cylinders has been reduced by 6 rupees.

According to Indian Oil, consumers will have to pay more for a 14 kg non-subsidized domestic gas cylinder. After the price hike, 14 kg domestic gas cylinder in Agra, Uttar Pradesh has been priced at Rs 732 as compared to Rs 707 earlier. At the same time, the price of this cylinder has now become Rs 817.50 in Patna.

Earlier, oil companies had increased the price of commercial LPG cylinder by Rs 190 per cylinder on 1 February. The day the price of commercial cylinders was increased, there was no tampering in the prices of domestic cylinders.

Please tell that in December, the oil company raised the price of domestic LPG twice. The company had earlier raised Rs 50 on December 2, followed by another Rs 50 again on December 15.

According to the information, refill or booking of LPG cylinders can be done by just a missed call. Oil company Indian Oil has started a missed call facility to fill cylinders to its LPG customers. Now a missed call can be refilled from anywhere in the country. Customers can give a missed call on the phone number 8454 955 555 to refill the gas.


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