Google made a doodle to celebrate this thing

In today’s doodle, Google celebrated American actor, singer, dancer and diplomat Shirley Temple. The tech giant honored the American actor with an animated doodle.

Back in 2015, on June 9, the Santa Monica History Museum opened “Love, Shirley Temple.” It is basically an exhibition which has a collection of his rare memorabilia. In 2006, the Screen Actors Guild presented Temple with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Shirley Temple was born on April 23, 1928, in California, United States. Temple’s talent and “signature dimples, blonde ringlet curls and strong work ethic” earned her the opportunity to be a part of several films and musicals such as ‘Stand Up and Cheer’ and ‘Bright Eyes’.

She began her career as a junior artist and had a popular debut even before the age of 10. Shirley Temple received an Academy Award at the age of six.

In a tribute to Shirley Temple, Google said, “Temple not only helped millions of Americans through the hardships of the Great Depression as Hollywood’s top box office draw, she later connected with the world through her work in international relations.” Share your charisma.” She retired at the age of 22 and later transitioned to full-time public service.

In 1969, Shirley Temple was subsequently appointed as America’s representative to the United Nations. Later in 1988, Temple was appointed an Honorary Foreign Service Officer in recognition of her diplomatic achievements, including an ambassador to Ghana, and became the first female head of protocol at the State Department.


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