Government said on Tesla, no manufacturing in India, no tax relief

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New Delhi. The government on Tuesday questioned the business practices of electric car company Tesla, which sought tax breaks to sell its products in the Indian market but did not want to set up such manufacturing facilities in the country, which would cost thousands of lives. number of jobs can be created.

“We cannot give subsidy or tax exemption to that company as they do not want to set up their manufacturing and other operations base here,” Minister of State for Heavy Industries Krishna Pal Gurjar said in reply to a question by Shiv Sena member Vinayak Bhaurao Raut in Lok Sabha. Why should we support a company that creates jobs in China and profit from our markets. Our Prime Minister has a vision for all such foreign companies, if you want to sell your product in our country, then manufacture them here.

Raut had asked what kind of exemption in taxes the government was planning to give so that they could start their construction here in different states as announced.

The minister informed the House that Tesla has shown no interest in any of the government’s plans for electric vehicles.

“This company has not participated in any of our plans, and that makes it clear to them that Tesla only wants to profit from our market, but will refrain from setting up manufacturing units here,” he said. If they build their electric cars in China, thousands of jobs will be created there, not for Indian youth here. (IANS)

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