Greentech: Revcoo captures CO2 from industrial fumes using cryogenics

It was during a trip to Alaska, observing firsthand the melting of permafrost, that the engineer Paul Taton decided to use his science to fight greenhouse gases. He created Revcoo in Lyon in June 2020, after patenting a technology for capturing carbon dioxide by cryogenics, thanks to an installation connected to factory chimneys. The equipment works like a snow cannon », Summarizes his partner, Hugo lucas. A nozzle sends cold – liquid nitrogen – into the smoke column, freezing the recovered CO2 in the form of flakes.

No waste

This technology has several ecological and economic advantages over that of capture by amines, where the smoke passes through a solution of non-recyclable solvents. It does not create any waste and does not use any consumables. Even liquid nitrogen is produced from the nitrogen naturally present in the smoke (70% of the composition of the air), by an expansion method.

The only cost of the operation is the price of electricity to run the system. ” It is profitable from 10% CO2 concentration in the flue gases, which is very common “. At 15%, and at 5 cents per kWh, the production cost is estimated ” at 20 euros per tonne of CO2, against 60 euros with amines », Considers Hugo Lucas. At no other cost for future Revcoo customers, who have chosen a service model: installation and maintenance at their expense.

Fundraising in progress

In return, the start-up that owns the CO2 plans to resell it to the pharmaceutical industry, for example for the manufacture of aspirin, to the food industry as a gasifier or preservative, and for greenhouse cultivation, where it is a growth accelerator. At the same time as a destroyer of CO2: photosynthesis breaks the molecule into carbon and oxygen.

In April, the first demonstrator will be installed on a lime kiln in Eiffage, in the North, for a production of 2 tonnes per day. Funded by several innovation grants: Ademe, the region, Bpifrance, French Tech…, Revcoo prepares a fundraising of 700,000 euros to increase its pilot to 20 tonnes in 2022 and aims for a capacity of 64 tonnes per day in the long term. But the start-up refuses to capture more than half of the CO2 present in the fumes, not wanting ” not clear the industrialists of making the effort to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions “.

Revcoo in brief

Creation date : 2020

Founders: Hugo Lucas and Paul Taton

Effective : 3 people

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