Harsha Bhogle disappeared during the live interview, something happened that went viral on social media

India’s well-known cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle suddenly came into the limelight on social media. He was also in trend on Twitter for some time. Harsha stepped away from the camera for some reason during a live interview. He was heard scolding someone as soon as he stepped away from the camera. Seeing this, the person taking the interview got nervous. A clip of Harsha’s interview video is going viral on social media.

Actually cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle was giving an interview on Instagram. During this suddenly he stepped away from the camera and was heard scolding someone. Other voices were being heard along with his voice. Seeing this, the person taking the interview got nervous. He asked Harsha many times about his recovery. However, there was no response from this Harsha. After this the person doing the interview said that we do not need to panic.

This clip of Harsha Bhogle’s interview is becoming quite viral on social media. However, later Harsha Bhogle tweeted and said after his recovery. He wrote, “I am fine. I’m sorry for worrying you all. Thank you all for showing your love and concern. It has become so viral as I had not imagined. This is also something to be learned. Its purpose was something else. Sorry.”

Let us tell you that Harsha is a well-known commentator of world cricket. He has done commentary for many channels. Along with this, he has also written for many websites.

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